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Hug in a Mug

We can deliver direct to homeworkers & furlough staff at home, multi-site office & single drops as required.

Please click 01903 750999 or scroll down to the enquiry form below for further information.
Vegan Options are avilable for most products. Please ask for details.

A lovely little warmer to brighten things up.  A personalised mug with a hot chocolate spoon and marshmallows.  You could add a brownie or perhaps an Easter egg too?

You don’t have to have what is hown here.  You can choose from any product that suits you or  your theme.  Just let us know and we can suggest options.

All our hampers and gifts boxes are made to order with products either chosen by you or by products that we suggest.

We will build hampers and gift boxes to order and to the budget per hamper/gift box as required.  We like to use local produce and ethically sourced packing etc.

We often find that most companies seem to offer as much as they can for the price you pay.  Whilst it is very nice to receive such a gift, our experience suggests that the receiver can be very disappointed by the quality of products, packing and presentation.  Which is a shame when you are spending a lot of money and of course not the response you are after.  Less is often more.

If you are purchasing directly for your customers or staff it is imperative to get things right and perhaps show some of your or your company personality.

If you are buying as an employee for you company (i.e., spending other people’s money and being responsible for it) then you not only need to get it right for the receiver, but your bosses need to be impressed too.

We believe and hamper or gift box should be full of quality.  When we say full of quality we dont mean ram packed, it could only be a couple or a few items.  Not only should the products be high quality, but also the packing and presentation etc.

If you have a theme to follow, we can advise with appropriate products for you to discuss and share your opinions.  If you have preferred product options that would suit your requirement, we can build everything around that too.

Once everyone is happy with the products and the budget, we can then create the packaging and presentation and again work with any theme you have.

If the above sounds the right way forward for you then please give us a call or you can fill in the contact form below to get the ball rolling.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please do ask if you have any questions.


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