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Partridge hamper
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  • Partridge hamper

Partridge Christmas Gift Box or Hamper

We can deliver direct to homeworkers & furlough staff at home, multi-site office & single drops as required.

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Partridges are medium-sized non-migratory birds, with a wide native distribution throughout the Old World, including Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa. They are sometimes grouped in the Perdicinae subfamily of the Phasianidae (pheasants, quail, etc.). However, molecular research suggests that partridges are not a distinct taxon within the family Phasianidae, but that some species are closer to the pheasants, while others are closer to the junglefowl.

A Half-Bottle Autreau-Roualet Premier Cru Champagne Brut Nv, 100gm Luxury Assorted Belgian Chocolates, Half-Bottle Taylors First Estate Port, 150gm Wedge Of English Blue Stilton, Half-Bottle Cotes Du Rhone Loron Et Fils, 8gm Mulled Wine Infusion, 180gm Epicure Venison Pate With Red Wine. Presented In A Decorative “Window” Gift Box or Hamper Basket And Packed In An Outer Postal Carton


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If you send us the logo/image and text we can send you proof back to see and alter.

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However, if you would like a bespoke made bar or box made to your specification with logo, size and design just let us know and we can tailor make your own customised bars and boxes.

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