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Lindt Lindor Advent Calendar Options

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24 milk chocolate treats, including colourfully wrapped Lindt Teddies, delicious Icicle with ground hazelnuts, tasty Bears and Snowballs with a creamy double milk filling, Lindor Truffles with a smooth melting filling, irresistible soft Nougat with hazelnut pieces, delectable Elves with a hazelnut cream filling and crisped rice, as well as beautiful milk chocolate Angel, Lindt Santa, Reindeer and Snowmen are crafted from delicious milk chocolate by our Master Chocolatiers. Chocolate gifts will be sure to light up each festive morning with their exquisite colourful wrappers and delicate milk chocolate taste. Since 1845 Lindt has been dedicated to perfecting the art of chocolate, and we know how to make every festive morning taste delicious with an indulgent miniature gift! Lindt will help every Christmas feel special.

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