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Personalised Chocolate Cake & Dessert Oval Toppers

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We can deliver direct to homeworkers & furlough staff at home, multi-site office & single drops as required.

Please click 01903 750999 or scroll down to the enquiry form below for further information.

Cake decorating originated in 17th century in Europe.  During the 1840s, the advent of temperature-controlled ovens and the production of baking powder made baking cakes much easier.  As temperature control technology improved, an increased emphasis on presentation and ornamentation developed.  Cakes began to take on decorative shapes, were adorned with additional icing formed into patterns and flowers, and food coloring was used to accent frosting or layers of cake.

Chocolate Graphic Ovals branded with your company logo, message or with names and dates.

  • Made from milk chocolate “printed” with a white design on milk and dark chohclate or brown print on white chocolate.
  • Chocolates are made from sustainable cocoa in our chocolate factory in Lincolnshire
  • Minimum order 1000 chocolates
  • These chocolates are supplied flow wrapped in clear film


However, if you would like a bespoke made bar to your logo, size and design just let us know and we can tailor make your own customised bars and boxes.

If you send us the logo/image and text we can send you proof back to see and alter.

Please ask us for a quote of the volume you thinking about by either using the form below or just give us a bell on 01903 750999

Please do ask if you have any questions.



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