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The Various Uses for Promotional Chocolate

teva promotional chocolate bar

We all love a bit of chocolate from time to time, so surely it’s a fantastic product to use for your promotional campaign? Not only is chocolate wildly popular with almost every age group, but can also be incredibly versatile and tailored for your business.

Chocolate can come in all shapes, sizes and designs, meaning you have more than enough options when it comes to ordering some of the lovely stuff! Because chocolate is usually always wrapped up, you can take advantage of this by having them personalised with your company logo and details, for extra effect. Chocolate in the mouth, followed by word of mouth will definitely grow if you get both the product and the packaging/presentation spot on. But where can these kinds of promotional chocolate be implemented?

Being easy to transport in bulk due to their size, it is usually no problem displaying promotional chocolate at all sorts of trade events, sponsored or charity events, exhibitions and other promotional occasions in places such as restaurants, hotels and just about any business you can think of. A little bit of chocolate can go a long way and have a lasting impact on your customer’s impression on your business.

Promotional chocolate business cards

Because chocolate is so versatile, it can be arranged in all manner of different ways. You can really be creative with it – for example you could hire a chocolate fountain as a breath taking show piece and have smaller chocolate buttons or bars or truffles etc. as your giveaway product. This is a good way to cause a stir and then offer a product out with your company details included.

It can be a fun experience using promotional chocolate because it gets everybody talking and sharing opinions. Not many can resist its lure and so, as a marketing tool, you can’t really beat it. Try and make it less of hard sale though, so don’t make the sales team look like they’re trying to sell cars, and make them as approachable as possible. This means considering their uniforms as well as their style of engagement with the customers.

Using chocolate in bars, airports, town halls, shopping malls, squares, cafes, cinemas or other places to promote your brand is a top way to easily get your company message across, because instead of trying to push a product on someone, they will be coming to you instead!