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Promotional Easter Eggs – a seasonal treat for your clients

Easter is fast approaching so now is the perfect time to order promotional Easter eggs to help promote your business. When most people think of Easter one of the first things that comes to mind is chocolate, and even though they are made with the same chocolate we can buy in the shops year round, ... Read More

The Various Uses for Promotional Chocolate

We all love a bit of chocolate from time to time, so surely it’s a fantastic product to use for your promotional campaign? Not only is chocolate wildly popular with almost every age group, but can also be incredibly versatile and tailored for your business. Chocolate can come in all shapes, sizes and designs, meaning ... Read More

Craig-Group Promotional chocolate box

Hi Andy Just to confirm the chocolate boxes have arrived and look great. Many thanks Claire Claire Brown HR / Marketing Assistant Craig Group Ltd

Promotional Seasonal Chocolate

Achieving a successful promotional campaign can be difficult, but with an eye on what’s popular and sticking to seasonal favourites, you’re sure to make the right impression. Taking advantage of seasonal holidays is a great way to connect with your target audience. By tapping in to the festivities of a season, such as Christmas, it ... Read More

How to lose weight by eating chocolate

Prepare yourself for the best news you will hear all day: eating chocolate can help you lose weight. Oh yes, our dark and mysterious confectionery friend can help dieters shed pounds. A YouGov survey, polling 2,100 dieters nationwide, reveals that 86% of dieters lost enough weight to improve their health whilst continuing to eat chocolate ... Read More

Welcome to our new website

We are very pleased to launch our new website for 2013. We’ve been selling branded confectionery since 2004, and try to do that bit extra to make sure our customers have all the information and help they require when making a purchase. We like to think that our specialised chocolate only service, knowledge and experience ... Read More